DV On… San Diego

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  1. So you say that Hill’s deal wasn’t mental, but then a few sentences later you say his state of mind is different and he’s riding more aggressively like he did last year. How is having a different state of mind and choosing to up the intensity NOT mental?

  2. One thing I don’t see discussed is Webb was 2 laps down on Roczen when he put a hard block pass on Roczen. We all know that led to Roczen going back after him. Webb was total dick for that kind of block passing him when he wasn’t even in the hunt.

  3. Roczen ended his Supercross season over the jealousy of Cooper Webb stealing his girlfriend. It is a woman. Let Cooper have her. How many women are there in this world? Something like 4.5 BILLION. And you and Roczen and Cooper Webb are fighting over “1” and Roczen breaks his arm worrying about it during a race…Stupid is as stupid does. (and I like Roczen).,

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