Swizcorner: Fade to Black

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  1. When I see WADA and the FIM start taking out the same calibre of MXGP riders they nail in the U.S., I’ll believe their effort is legit. Until they “bust” a European rider on the level of JS7 over paperwork, I think it’s all a giant croc of shit. We will never see them nail somebody like #84 or #222 – not that I’d like them to do that. The rules are unclear, suffer from fuzzy enforcement, and both organizations lack competent leadership. And, where’s the AMA in all of this? They sure don’t seem to be “protecting rider’s rights.” No wonder JS7 went radio silent. This crap ruined the end of his career and, honestly, the fans really didn’t have his back. I’d go out the same way he has.

  2. Agree with all that was said. I’m pissed off, with this whole situation. Rather than go on a long rant, here’s my bottom line. Penalty is way excessive. AMA you need to back up the racers. FIM get the hell out of American motocross.

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