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  1. So!! True….It’s the riders that need to make that happen.However they were not taught how to protect themselves as a whole…..I’m guessing it’s there parents fault ( wealthy red tie folks against people organizing for the health and welfare of the little guy )…..The parents are mostly business owners who wouldn’t want the little guy to get a fare shake……So These kids have no idea how to do anything but ride a bike….Then when you’ve waisted your body or broke your back…sorry kid you crapped out…we will get someone else…..When they get a pro license and put in x amount of time….They should get a small pension or something to fall back on when they can’t work anymore.But they would have to come together as a whole and figure that out…..However again they were never taught that….But it’s never to late….

  2. There is a win win to be found in (almost) everything, and the same is true for the Mx/Sx world. However, the problem lies within the flaw of human nature…. called greed, selfishness, and fear. These things perpetually keep “people with power” from thinking outside that box, and consequently will never even see the “win win solution” that is truly under their noses. Sadly, it’s not until forced by “fear” of loosing something of “their own,” that they will ever be willing to concede to another way.

  3. I don’t know how MotoGP works, or other top-flight two-wheeled series but when it comes to four wheeled motorsport, in which I have worked with various teams, the teams / cars pay entries all the way up to Formula 1. In fact the higher up the ladder you are, the higher the fees get. It’s shitty, but sadly it’s a business at the end of the day and somebody wants to make money.

  4. The cost of racing is too much for anyone doing it on their own. For this reason the starting gate is missing a lot of talent. The problem is complicated but until networks are spending $$$ to air sx or mx, the sport is entirely leaning on the OEMs and sponsors.

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