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Maxxis Tires: The Cult of Trike

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  1. Admittedly I haven’t read the report, but, from what it sounds like, the commenter was comparing the total number of injuries and deaths. Of course 3 wheelers would be less than a skateboard for example, because while thousands of people had 3 wheelers, millions of people rode skateboards.

    Bottom line, the only way to crash on a 3 wheeler is to high side and that’s what made them so much more dangerous.

  2. I had a 1985 Honda 110. Fabulous suspension……I’m alive..Watched guys race 3 wheelers in the 80’s…crazy bastards!!! Sold that pig to get a 1986 kx 80…..Lol

  3. Here in the UK, back in about 1988 Yamaha were selling brand new TRI-Z250s for £1000 (about $1300) less than a brand new ’88 YZ250; I guess they were trying to get rid of them because they’d been banned in the US.

  4. I was a mechanic at the largest 3 wheeler dealer in the US in the early 80’s Honda Of Lemon Grove in the JT Racing capitol of the world in San Diego. We had so many hop up parts for those it was crazy. There were 300 kits for the 250’s. People were stuffing Yamaha RD400 motors in trikes, Nitrous you name it. The (I believe) ABC news special showing people drinking and riding out at Glamis really put the nail in the coffin for 3 wheelers. Of course they are going where they can get the best news footage for their ratings VS un-bias reporting. Happily 3 wheeler racing is still living in the Vintage MX scene in SoCal. They are fun to flat track, just don’t put your foot out.

  5. Smh don’t take away my 3wheeler just because you don’t know how to ride one. Noone wanted a quad when they were introduced I was there. That is the real reason why the manufacture of 3wheelers was banned.

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