Swizcorner Arlington: Dragonback-breaker

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  1. Trust me, not all fans like the triple crown format.
    And they damn sure need to be listening to the top riders when they voice their dislike of how some of these track features are designed and built.
    All three seemed to be pretty pissed about that dragon’s back, and how it eliminated two of the best riders in the series.

  2. I didn’t go to the Arlington SX for the first time in 5 years because it was a triple crown. For me it takes the excitement away. They feel anti climatic to me. Sometimes the last race doesn’t even matter, the winner knows they have to get a certain position to win the night so they don’t have incentive to push it. I like they are trying new things, but this one needs work. Maybe have each gang bang count for roughly 1/3 of regular race points? Like 9 points for 1st , 7 points for 2nd, and so on.

  3. Now this is a safety issue and the riders have absolutely no say in the matter. Oh they can shout at the sky, nothing changes. When it comes to safety they must have a say and that means forming a riders union. This is a primary function of a union. Riders complain to the union rep, rep goes to Feld and asks for the track issue to be fixed on the spot. Bigger stuff like race format would be negotiated to satisfaction. Feld is stacking cash on the backs of the riders, the least they can do is take care of obvious track issues. And it’s in their best interest for fan turnout to have the best riders out there all season. No brainer.

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