Project 500!

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  1. I had a 1993 cr125 with first gen pro tapers…Not sure if it had that bar pad?? The awesome thing is that’s probably your boot rash!!!!! Yeah!!!! Ditch the wrist breakers!!!

  2. I’d restore it back to what it looked like when you had it Steve, even if that means it doesn’t look brand new and perhaps a little ridden. “Stock Steve” There’s nostalgia in that Ceet seat cover. We all had one. Mine was the one that had the tacky no’slip material to keep you up near the tank. I really liked it. Can somebody make you duplicate AMA stickers and numbers? I hate to see those go. Also, a carbon silencer wont look right, stick with an aluminum one. The PC pipe will be a good look though. I disagree with the HRC ignition cover also., it doesnt go with the “Stock Steve” theme . I also am a fan of the slim Scott grips and a new set must go on the ‘Stock Steve CR500″ . Keep the Pro Tapers too if they are not bent. I remember how wild I thought those were when they came out, though I never had a pair as the uncomfortable feeling of not having a crossbar could not be overcome.

  3. Love that your a fan of the 500’s I raced them through the same era in MX. I have an 89 KX 500 with a frame band still on it from my last National at Unadilla. When they are set up right and your in great shape they can run with the 450’s Grew up thinking it was the class! Did the same as you raced all three classes (Raced expert class on a 90 KX250 another cool build you did)but had a thing for open bikes. By the time I got my Pro license( 89’) the party was over. Quit in 93 when the fun stopped. It’s not a Manatoba title but I did win the 88 500cc title at Raceway Park! Btw I disagree with the stock concept, you should go all out on this bike. Sean Collier the thing! Put Stanton on it and get his impression!

  4. Hey Steve,

    I was the guy who found it on the Reddit post. Just curious on what you’ve done with it? Sorry if you covered on a show, been dealing with crap the last year.

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