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  1. I had never been the greatest fan of E.T. because of the coolness of his personality but he deservedly won by riding fast and smart and did I say near flawlessly fast?
    One thing I absolutely, always, have recognized and admired about him is his clean, no-nonsense racing, something that is even more impressive when you consider how frustrating it must have been to come so close before and not win the Supercross Championship.
    Congratulations E.T., on an exciting and successful season!

  2. Let Eli be Eli. He has conducted himself in the manner necessary to win the championship. Those who are more introverted cherish their privacy and typically loath fanfare and the public eye. Instead of wanting him to conform to some semblance of the champion “type”. To me, he has done enough to engage his fans and is even more credible for being honest with himself about his abilities and what it takes to maintain peak performance.

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