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  1. E-bike question!

    Not really but I loved how it worked out for the caller in this episode. The vet nationals episode last year is what got me listening to PulpMX. I started off listening to the Keefer tested podcast. Love that KK character. Driving 14 hours a week to and from work I needed some more content to occupy my mind. The frst episode of Pulp I listened to was the wrap up show. I was like what the hell is this, sorry dark side. I didn’t know what was going on as a first time listener. Now that I know what the wrap up show is I’m sure it’s great for the people who don’t have time to listen to the full show. Some time later, KK was talking about the upcoming Pulp show for vet nationals. This was last years show and I thought I’d give it a second chance. I’ve been hooked ever since. While that was a tough episode to follow I was so looking forward to the vets episode this year. I’m so glad Steve decided to go to the event so we have this episode. Steve, you may think Randy overplayed that video but I was in tears. I still haven’t even seen the videos but I can totally picture it. Randy is a riot. This comment may be a little late. I’m a little behind with some teleworking due to COVID. But I wanted to write in and say thank you Steve. Thanks for all the entertainment over the past year and look forward to the years to come.

    P.S. At 39 I’m still riding BMX freestyle at a fairly high level. If Randy has some street tires I’d love to give him some feedback.

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