Classic Steel

Maxxis Tires – Classic Ink 19 “TUF Racing 1991”

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  1. You guys are out of touch with the awesomeness of the faux leather grey Ceet seat cover. Maybe its because in these ads its paired with the bright plastics? Though not a Tuf cover, I had a grey and red cover on my otherwise stock looking 90 YZ250. It looked awesome and did what it was supposed to do, keep my ass up near the front of the bike while cornering. The only flaw was when you had to move back on the seat, I had to make a conscious effort to stand , sliding back wanted to pull my riding slacks down. The Ceet cover was probably designed by Gary Bailey to teach proper technique.

    I like the baby blue kx plastic, it just needs to be all baby blue, not just here and there. The green frame and tank dont go with the blue.

    Anyways, big fan of the Blaze/Matthes comment on old ads features, keep em coming.

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