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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel #168 1990 KX500

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  1. Another great article Tony! It was the best open class bike then, but from 1996 on I think the CR 500 made it a tie with improved fork action and easy to control low to mid power. I still think this chubby bodywork looked old even new in 1988, and after 1991 with slim sidepanels on the CR 500, that didnt help:)

    This year was interesting with the KTM and YZ 490 still around. I know the KX 500 was a popular western desert bike. But here in Europe I never saw one at my local motocross track in the 90s, I also didnt see one in a MX Grand prix race after 1998. Interesting cause there were many CR 500s both at my track and in the GPs through 2001. I guess thats beacuse the slimmer and quick handling CR 500 is more fun on a track. I still love my CR 500 from 1999😊

    The old steel frame on the KX 500 probably was a better chassis than the perimeter KX 125-250 all through year 2002😊👍

  2. Thanks Tony!
    I still have an 89 KX500 with the frame band from my last national at Unadilla. I have been slowly rebuilding the bike. It’s interesting that the 500’s get so much love now. They were my favorite bikes to race and ride, but by the time I got my pro license, the party was over. I also raced a 1990 KX 250, I didn’t get along with that chassis. I struggled with the fork set up on that bike and maybe I was just too used to steel frames that had more flex in them.
    Ironic that now with 450’s essentially there riding open bikes again but with a chassis and suspension that can better cope with all the torque and horsepower they make today.
    The 86 KX 500 was a good bike too. I raced one to the 1988 Raceway Park Englishtown Open amateur title against a field of 87 and 88 machinery. Smooth is fast on open bikes.

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