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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink #35: 1990 CR250R

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  1. Fun with views at the time and now looking back, Honda would still be the top dog for years to come here. This 1990 is a clean classy look I like the switch to white frame, but I prefer the more spicy dark pink plastic of 1993-99, like my 1999 CR 500. Cool you had all three CRs this year, what a privilege😊 Though kawasakis new perimeter 1990s KX was head to head in coolness and PR.

  2. Thanks, Tony,
    Your stuff is so well written and researched!
    I was racing 250 expert in 1990 on a KX 250 but coming of traditional frames and cartridge forks, I never really gelled with that bike. I rode a friend’s 1990 CR 250 in practice sessions and loved the clutchless shifting and solid feel. He had mods to the fork which were ok. Overall the bike felt much better balanced than my KX which took almost a year to sort out.

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