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The Rise and Fall of No Fear

WHAT COMES TO MIND WHEN YOU THINK OF NO FEAR? Maybe it’s the motocross gear that took the world by storm when Jeremy McGrath wore it in 1999? Or maybe it’s the T-shirts whose slogans suggested you wer…

Tell Us a Story, Doug Dubach

My whole life I thought Doug Dubach rode Suzuki’s for a couple of years and then switched to Yamaha’s which he proceeded to ride for the next thirty years or so. Dubach, Yamaha’s and…

Boy Wonder: The Eddie Hicks Story

What happens when the can’t-miss kid misses? “People used to say that he was going to be the next Bob Hannah because he was in Palmdale and he used to ride all those desert tracks that Hannah grew up …

The Many Looks of Ron Lechien

There aren’t too many more bad dudes on a dirt bike than Ron “The Dogger” Lechien. And there aren’t too many racers who looked cooler on a bike than Ronnie either. With that in…


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