Observations from Washougal

HERE’S Washougal MX national by the numbers over on that other site

Vegas SX OBS

It’s all I saw and heard in Vegas right HERE

Observations from Minneapolis

Here’s all I saw and heard is right HERE

Observations from Tampa SX

HERE’S all I saw down in Florida

Observations from Dallas SX

HERE’S everything I saw and heard in Big D

Observations from San Diego

Yeah, it’s all right HERE

Oakland SX

It’s all I saw and heard in Oaktown right HERE

Observations from Glendale SX

It’s everything I saw and heard at Glendale HERE

Observations from Anaheim 2

Big changes! Click HERE to go read it

Observations from Houston

Here’s all I saw in Houston and it’s a lot. Go HERE to read it

Observations from Anaheim 1

Yeah, it’s back!   Go over HERE to read what I thought of A1

Observations from Ironman MX

Here’s all I saw at Ironman


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