Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Keefer Tested

Show #231 – MX Coaches/Trainers And Amateur Racing

Keefer sits down with a motocross coach and amateur racing father (Rob Imondi and Matt Pascal) and go over why/if kids or newer riders to the sport need a coach/trainer. Keefer will also go over how one amateur racing family manages to balance work, money spent, a marriage, giving equal amounts of time to each child, as well as how long parents should financially support their kids (in the sport) in order to achieve success.

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  1. We have a track Area 51 in N.Y. It has three tracks.Expert am and a mini track.The mini track is great.Only 50’s through 85’s/150’s are aloud on it.You can ride with your kid on a big bike if your following your kid and so forth.No one is in danger of getting landed on by some goon.Good stuff.Tracks should make this style track at all facilities.

  2. Just to set this straight, Hercules is a German manufacturer, not Italian, and so is Sachs (engine)!

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