Swizcorner "Deja Vu-Squin"

The specifics are reconfigured but the stakes are strangely similar.

This starts off with some SX review but stick with me, I bring it around in the end.
Think back if you will to the recently concluded Supercross Series. Ryan Dungey of Factory KTM set off in quest of his 3rd straight Supercross title. Ken Roczen looked indomitable until he faltered and became dominated for the remainder of 2017. Ryan did what he does and remained ridiculously consistent from round 1 through round 17 and left it to the other players to make it interesting. Eli Tomac began the year looking confused and uncomfortable, much like he spent essentially all of 2016 when he was in his rookie stint aboard the Factory Kawasaki. Marvin Musquin would shine brightly at times, while others he could appear utterly average (for a factory level rider anyhow).
As the series ebbed along, Marvin look phenomenal, like the Frenchman was the elite rider from the Factory KTM squad as opposed to his repeat Champion teammate, Dungey. Eli, similarly to Marvin also looked to be Ryan’s alpha opponent who couldn’t be contested many times over the course of the last 2/3’s of the series. Were it not for some pretty big errors by Marvin Musquin earlier in the series, he would have made it a controversial situation in the KTM truck with both of the KTM big dogs chipping away for that 2017 SX title. In reality though, Marvin’s errors left him playing spoiler for the surging Eli Tomac in an attempt to keep that Championship with the Orange Brigade.
And Marvin happened to do just enough to give Dunguey the edge he needed going into Vegas to survive some very creative antics lead by Tomac; and the title stayed with the KTM squad.
Here we are just passed the halfway mark of the National Motocross series and once again Eli Tomac is surging and looking incredible and yes once again Marvin Musquin has made just enough mistakes (as well as salvaged points while dealing with a nasty knee injury) to all but wave his Championship possibility, goodbye. Ryan Dungey is no longer providing that unflappable pressure to keep Eli honest but an old thorn in Eli’s side has reached his 450 stride and he just happens to be piloting a KTM 450 too. Blake Baggett is back and despite an aggravated thumb injury thanks to BB4’s own thorn in his side (Anderson in Moto 2 at Red Bud), he was ok with scoring a 2-2 performance at Southwick for minimal points forfeiture. He will now gladly take this week-off break to rest his thumb and map out his strategy to grab the reigns of this 450 MX title again.
Marvin will again find himself in the same position he found himself in Supercross albeit this time doing all he can to maximize the title hopes for a Factory-Supported KTM team rider as opposed to the agreed upon face of the brand (and arguably, the sport).
It’s too early to speculate on how this could play out because Eli is looking fantastic but Baggett may be fully healthy by the time the gate drops at Millville and of course Musquin is incredible at Washougal.
This is just getting started and the off-week leaves plenty to be discussed.