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  1. I was waiting for someone to put my exact thoughts and confusion into a well written and logical write up… this race left me confused… like was that ok? did it seem rigged? letting a team mate go by for points is one thing… but a million dollar purse just seems wrong.. idk… like you said its not out of your checkbook so whats it matter… but it seemed like this should have been about racing.. not about team standings or how you will fair being the new guy to the team if you let him by.. but just simply about the fact that one racer was faster than another… if it cost you the million… thats how racing goes..

  2. The MEC is an exhibition event, it’s not a sanctioned series. It’s a glorified fair race with a gianormous purse and an oddball format designed to cause outcomes that generate buzz. Well played, Monster marketers. Regardless of your position on the relevance of the race, only people who don’t understand the word are calling Eli a hypocrite. Eli didn’t pull over for another rider. That would make him a hypocrite. Eli rode by another rider who pulled over for him. That makes him an opportunist. Just like every other racer.

  3. This isn’t remotely the same as the Marv/Dung situation. This made no difference to a single other rider on the entire track. There were no points on the line, only dollars to be made from Monster. What a whiney and ridiculous write up.. And as the last writer commented, this wasn’t anything close to hypocrisy.

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