Swizcorner Houston: “Fracture”

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  1. Fuck all the faggots sayin its not cool from webb. Hey I got my first real emotion and hype since the begginning of the season. I want some more.

  2. He’s an arrogant and self-righteous guy, but he’s pretty honest and straightforward. He leaves no doubt where he stands.
    I like him!

  3. In the post race presser he said he was wrong. I hope he means it and that he and Marvin can race cleanly and fairly for the restyles of the year. Marc was gracious in the presser but when asked about the chance of retaliation he also said “We’ll have to see what happens in the next couple weeks”.

  4. Coop is pretty good at riding rough, I don’t think Marv can hang with that. Better follow team rules and play fair from this point.

  5. Dude this is what we all wanted to see. I like both guys and they couldn’t be any more different from each other. It’s goin down in Bashville

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