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FXR Racing/Race Tech Privateer Island #104- Ryan Gauld/World Vets

With Matthes on the verge of racing the Dubya USA World Vets, he sits down with Ryan Gauld to talk about what they’re getting into this weekend and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at Race Tech to save.

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  1. Props for racing B.!!!! Huge balls! Good for you!!! Now Listen!..the first 2 laps!!! Don’t kill yourself.Just get the race out of your mind and ride smart.Smoother is faster!! Good luck!!!! Oh yeah…yup this is gonna hurt!???

  2. I feel you steve. I wasnt that great at jumping either back in the day and every year my timing gets worse. My brain says “go faster”, “just do the jump”, but I just dont have the nerve. Very frustrating.

    The only thing I can still do is crush the sandberms. Love riding the sand whoops and crushing the berms. As good as ever.

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