The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Jeff Stanton and Damon Bradshaw

In advance of their Moto Fite Club race, we get Damon and Jeff to talk about them racing each other again, what their going to ride there, their history against each other, the 1990 SX series, riding YZ 490’s and more

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  1. I’m 50 from South Carolina, I’ve eat slept and drank moto all my life. For whatever reason I have no reason why? I’ve kept every issue of dirt bike and motocross action magazines I’ve purchased since late 1970s. It was only moto news a 10 year old in SC got in early 80s! I devoured each issue and lol still do! Until found your podcast I thought I was that only kinda moto lunatic! Super happy I’m not alone! Just love all y’all do, great entertainment for old moto fanatics, thanks for the fun keep it up! Met y’all in Atlanta sx and Steve gave me his water bottle, met Damon Bradshaw and just made a old mans day lol! Thanks guys good luck

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