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Show #10 – Kevin Windham and Brian Deegan

The Motoworld Racing Moto Show’s 10th episode features Kevin Windham and Brian Deegan. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

1st show over 2 hours!
00:45 – “That is the sound of an ice cold Red Bull being cracked open.” – Paul Lindsey
13:00 – Feld/FIM/JAM Sports discussion
23:45 – Kyle Regal discussion
29:30 – Kevin Windham
30:50 – Watson eating a frog story
1:06:30 – Watson’s Windham/Bob Hannah story
1:08:30 – Paul’s Podium
1:16:30 – Brian Deegan
1:19:20 – Watson’s truck stop story with Deegan
1:28:40 – Deegan’s last race for Moto XXX story (Watson forgets to refill antifreeze)
1:32:40 – Watson’s truck driver story
1:40:10 – Deegan’s LA ghost ride story
1:45:40 – Deegan’s Budds Creek track cutting story
1:48:50 – X Brand Tearoffs
2:01:50 – Kenny’s Corner (David Vuillemin, Sebastien Tortelli, Stephane Roncada, Matthes)
2:06:30 – Deegan’s cheater bike story

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