Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Keefer Tested

Show #234 – Loretta Lynn’s For Beginners/Regional Talk

First time going to Loretta’s? Or maybe you just want a refresher course on what the ranch is all about? Regionals? We got that in here as well! Get all the LL’s scoop in this family friendly episode with the Keefer family.

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  1. Great listen. Even though you work for MX Sports/ Racer X you should elaborate more on what a money grab the area qualifiers are.
    I had to tell one 50 parent this year that just because you didn’t qualify you can still go to the regional. The super regional format last year makes the most sense. The parents that go to the regional need to know that if you want to make it your son or daughter should be basically top 5 in the first race because half of the field is for kids that shouldn’t even be there.

    Thanks for the podcast

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