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Show #35 – Ivan Tedesco and Steve Cox in Studio, Travis Preston, Coy Gibbs in Studio

Hot Sauce stops in to talk about his new deal with the Hart and Huntington Kawasaki team on a SX only deal. Steve Cox joins the bench racing session and talks about his ’11 departure from RXi. Travis Preston talks about his Mini-O’s pre-race wehre he ran into a certain “potato-esque” competitor from his past. Coy Gibbs comes in and as you would expect, it’s all downhill from there. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

16:30 – Has Been
28:00 – emails
49:30 – Frank Latham running stories
1:08:50 – Travis Preston
1:10:30 – Preston/Eric Sorby racing at Mini Olympics
1:17:35 – “alcimated” – Watson-ism
1:28:00 – Nash
1:41:30 – Kenny’s Corner (Erik Sandin (NOFX)
1:46:50 – Kenny’s riding in the back of a trailer story
1:52:05 – X Brand Tearoffs
1:53:35 – Ivan Tedesco/Mike Alessi discussion
1:57:20 – Ivan Tedesco Bercy story (gas on his balls, some French guy rubbing lotion)
2:32:00 – Coy Gibbs in studio
2:50:05 – Moser
3:20:10 – Steve Cox on mic again

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