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Show #41 – Kevin Windham, Josh Hill and Factory Phil Lawrence in Studio

Its a great night of old school stories and current event discussion on show number 41. Windham and Factory talk about the box van days and Hill wishes he was there. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

9:00 – “Are you gonna frickin’ argue with me, meathead?” – Watson
36:20 – Dave Castillo
46:35 – Moser
56:25 – Kevin Windham
1:10:35 – Has Been
1:57:10 – Windham’s story about hitting Damon Bradshaw and Ezra Lusk getting blamed for it  :
2:07:00 – Nash
2:20:00 – emails
2:30:25 – Sinjin “Oh, fuck you. Fuck you.”
2:31:20 – News
2:35:50 – “That’s old news, right?” – Josh Hill
3:01:45 – Fake Josh Hansen caller
3:04:30 – “I’m the humblest guy I know.” – Phil Lawrence

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