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Show #515 – Cameron McAdoo, Dylan Wright, Travis Preston, Matt Walker, Donnie Luce with Keefer, JT and Max Steffens In-Studio

It’s been a while since we’ve covered a proper #gate ordeal but man did we ever tonight. #claimgate stemming from the Deegan bike claim and ultimate reversal which took place at Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National last week took up a good bit of our discussions. We got perspectives from Donnie Luce of Yamaha Amateur racing, Matt Walker and everyone in studio covering all the angles. Dylan Wright was also on to talk about his dominating season in Canada. Cameron McAdoo was back racing at Unadilla and he came on to talk about getting back in the swing of things. Travis Preston comes on to rib Keefer about his LL results. We have JT and Max Steffens in for the Fly 2023 gear unveiling as well!!

9:45 Claimgate!

16:00 – Steve talked to Deegan

35 – Donnie Luce

36:20 – Donnie explains his side

54:20 – Kale (friend of Deegan)

1:04:40 – Dylan Wright

1:37:00 – 2:11:20 – Matt Walker

1:39:45 – Walker discusses what he told Brennan

2:08:15 – Walker addressing threatening the motor building

2:39:00 – McAdoo

2:43:50 – Shimoda thought he needed to pass Cameron for overall

2:44 – Jo talking to Cam on track about letting him by

3:07 – Claiming JTs cooler

3:11:10 – Race Tech Rant about Justin Cooper

3:21:10 – Travis Preston

Right into shitting on Keefer for his LL performance against Brownie

3:28:30 – New Yamaha talk

3:38:45 – Yamaha power tuner discussion

4:03:05 – Unadilla talk

4:09:40 – Looking ahead to Budds Creek

4:15 – Nichols to HEP

4:18:30 – Manscaped read

4:19:30 – Fly ’23 stuff

4:49:15 – Eks Brands

4:55 supply chain

5:02 – Tweets

5:08:30 – Vibe at Lorettas “It’s a party and motocross race broke out”

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