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Show #525 – Zach Osborne, Mike Brown, David Vuillemin, Robbie McQuary with Keefer and Eric Phipps In-Studio

Zach Osborne’s coming out of retirement! Zacho is back on the gate and he’s on to talk about that new chapter as well as being a Dad for the third time! Mike Brown’s been on quite a roll this year with Loretta’s, World Vet and Mini O’s titles, so we got him on the phone to talk about being the gnarliest guy in Moto. DV calls in for the first time in a good while and we are always stoked to get DV on the line. The AMA Arenacross series has some new people involved, Robby McQuary joins us tonight from AX to tell us what’s new, how it’s been going and more. Keefer and Eric Phipps are in studio DUDES!!

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