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GP Classic Steel #6 – 1979 Honda CR125R Elsinore

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  1. Since you are so against every change Honda made in ’79 I would more than willing to take the bike shown in your pictures and go kick some ass on all of those other superior makes you mentioned just like I did in ’79. Your correct in spending money to get the suspension dialed in but that motor made for one fast bike. And as far as dependability, I raced desert also and it was those other bikes with all of the DNF’s next to their names. Please let me know where I can pick my new bike up.

  2. I too had a ’79 CR125R. Yep, air forks for the front, Replaced the rear shocks. Polished and ported the motor. In my neck of the woods I won the 125, 250 and open classes on the CR125R. Never had a chain problem – EVER. Not bad for such a lacklustre bike. It may not have had all the goodies straight out of the box, but if you are racing and you race a box stock bike, you’ll always be at the back of the pack. Once polished, this bike hauled ass.

    1. You seem to be taking this quite personally, but let me make it clear, this is not my opinion of this particular bike. I was 9 years old in 1979 and did not own a ’79 CR125R. When I write these articles, I am relying on the tests and shootouts done at the time. I have a collection of several thousand classic MX magazines and I research every article quite thoroughly before writing them. No matter what bike I write about, there is always someone who had one and had no issues. I am glad you had good success with yours, but apparently, that was not the case for many others.

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