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GP’s Classic Steel #11 – The 1979 Suzuki RM400N

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  1. I have owned my 79 RM400n since new, it will probably go to the grave with me. The suspension is a bit week for a lot of the modern tracks with all the jumps, whoops and table tops. My bike is much improved with ohlin rear shocks and the frame with extra bracing just above the footrests. I also did the mod on the exhaust for more power, mild to wild they put in an article back in the day, it seemed wrong at the time cutting a week old exhaust in half to remove a plate inside, but it seemed to help.

    Thanks for the write up.

  2. Hi
    Like reading your articles about vintage dirt bikes. Can you please write a bit about 1980 Suzuki RM125. It is my favourite bike and last twin shock RM.
    Thank you

  3. Owned a 1980 and did the mentioned pipe mod. Seemed to perk it up quite a bit. That bike was a blast to ride.

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