Daytime Program: Marv Vs. Eli

A boring 22 lap Main Event turned into one hell of a 23rd lap on Saturday night. Most of the race was a snoozer, but it came alive didn’t it? I wanted to give my take on the Marvin/Tomac pass,…

Osborne, Peick, Massie, 722, Keefer Archive

Zach Osborne had a dreamy day in Foxborough and joins us to talk winning, leading the points in the 250 East and give his thoughts on the block pass heard round the World. Weston Peick comes on to talk about…

Swizcorner: Nations Collide

I want to divide this column into two statements I fully believe that may serve as a sort of common ground amongst both perspectives of this “event”. First of all, Marvin Musquin has a serious case of a lack of…


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