Daytime Program: ATL 1

The Atlanta Motor Speedway track created some great racing Saturday afternoon and although it did get wet, the mud race we were all dreading never happened. What is crazy is that even though the main events got shortened, the lap…

Pro Circuit ATL 1 SX Post-Race PulpCasts

Almost a mudder? Listen individually below or subscribe to The Steve Matthes Show on your Podcast player of choice to listen to them seamlessly while driving or working in the garage.

Fly Racing MOTO:60 Archive- Atlanta SX 1

Lots to talk about with the SX series starting back up! SHOW ARCHIVE HERE!

Career Stats Quiz: Ryan Sipes

Welcome to the first installment of Career Stats Quiz. Ryan Sipes accepted the challenge to be our guinea pig and has now set the bar. He scored 9.5 out of 15 points. Continue reading to see what he did and…

Reed, Wageman, Chiz, Keefer and JT Archive

The two week break seemed like forever but we’re back and we have racing Legend Chad Reed on the phone to get his view of the series and this tenuous Webb Roczen title fight. Robbie Wageman joins us to give…

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel 158: 1988 Kawasaki KX250

For this edition of Classic Steel, we are going to take a look back at Kawasaki’s all-new KX250 for 1988.  After introducing an all-new KX250 in 1987, Kawasaki was back once again with a completely redesigned 250 Kwacker for 1988.…


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