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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink #47 1985 Suzuki RM’s

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  1. Hello, I think the 1985 RM 125 and 250 were very solid bikes. At the time neither bike was popular in the Southern California racing scene with both the KX 125 and CR 125 dominating the tiddler racing scene. I was riding / racing a 1985 CR 250 in the novice class at this time. A buddy that I grew up with and was a heck of a soccer player began riding and his dad bought him a brand new RM 125 from Costa Mesa Suzuki and we began riding together after high school class. Being a big kid, my buddy asked if he could ride my CR 250 with that tractor / low end power band. One thing I noticed with riding that RM 125 was that the suspension was phenomenal. On summer days with a baked hard track with blue grooves, I could fly on that RM 125 in some of the most bone dry, tore up whooped out tracks. Yes the CR 125 handled phenomenal and the KX 125 was a rocket ship in deep loam; but for concrete hard tracks with deep G-outs and deep whoops, I’d take the RM 125 over those other two bikes… and by the way, the 1985 YZ 125 was just a disaster like it’s older brother, the 1984 YZ 125. Thanks again for these articles and would love to see a in depth coverage of either the 1985 RM 125 or 250. Great bikes IMO without respect.

  2. If Suzuki put their ’82 RM250 motor in the ’85 it would have dominated the class. The ’82 motor was a rocketship!

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