The Re-Raceables

Gainesville MX 1990

Great race between Jeff Stanton and Rick Johnson on this day and tons of subplots for Matthes and Weege to break down. Johnson himself jumps on the line to take us through what was going on with him at this time, his relationship with Stanton, the drama around him and more.

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  1. RJ, Wardy, Bailey, Lechien, O’Mara, Glover, Stanton, Cooper, Holley, these guys were Epic and love to hear the stories from back then. We only read about just the races in the magazines/Cycle News back then. They did a good job, but some of these stories from the rider’s perspective we just never heard from at that time. Mid 80’s when I got introduced to the sport and fell in love with the sport ever since. This was my first generation I followed, and I may be biased but these guys help define the best generation of our sport, from my opinion. One of the best eras in the sport. Keep these coming guys. Love these re-raceables. I have a brief story. When the ’89 Miami supercross (The Sand SX) came to town, some of the Pros came out to Belvedere and rode. I rode with Mike Pascarella the Friday before the Miami Supercross. I think he finished 16th. It was cool to have a solo Pro-Am that nobody ever heard off. That was cool. What a super nice Privateer he was. However, never thought that Miami Supercross would be RJ’s last SX victory and I saw it in person. Glad I was there. Much respect to that generation.

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