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Jason Thomas on the Stark Varg

JT travelled to Spain to test ride the all-new electric Stark Varg Motorcycle and tells us all about it, from the motor options, to how it felt, the suspension and chassis comparison and more.

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  1. HI guys! I listened to JT’s review and I loved it! Unless I missed it, which is totally possible, there is one thing I think you guys are missing, and that’s the weight of the Stark. You guys said the bike weighs 242 pounds and, and again, I could have missed it, but I thought you made it sound like that’s above the standard set by ICE bikes. However, in actuality, the 2022 CRF450R weighs 245 pounds full of gas which is 3 pounds heavier than the Stark (which of course requires no fuel and is therefore 242 pounds at its racing weight). I think this is worthy of note. Keep up the great work guys. I’m a huge fan!

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