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Show #505 – Shane McElrath, Davey Coombs, Michael Byrne, Kris Keefer with Dan Worley, Tony Berluti and Skip Norfolk In-Studio

Shane McElrath is back for the motocross series on the Rockstar Husky Team and he is stoked to join us to talk all about his deal and expectations for the summer of sweat. DC comes on to talk the MX Nationals and what we can expect that will be new for the 2022 series as well as what will stay the same. Michael Byrne comes on to tap about what he has been doing since the split from C Webb and we have some legends, BERLUTI, Norfolk and SDI Suspension’s Dan Worley who knows a thing or two about wrenching in the Moto pits. Great show!

10:00 Guys’ favorite championship story of the year
12 – Berluti makes a case for Anderson being better this year
18 – Discussing why Tomac wanted out of Kawi
19:20 – Can Webb rebound?
23 – Guys like MC, RC, RV hated losing more than they liked winning
26:20 – Risks today are greater with greater reward, discussing monetary motivation
31:10 – Davey Coombs
36 – Davey on Dungey coming back
43 – Davey on Cairoli coming over
45ish – Davey on outdoor tv package being on Mav
47:20 – Rotating people on mavtv for outdoors
50:30 – 2nd Pala switching to Glen Helen race rumor
53ish – Callers for Davey
55:30 – Texas race question
58 – Race schedule question
1:03:40 – Bobryshev (Russian Bob) question
1:07 Keefer
1:55:50 – Skip poured an ashtray in his mouth story
2:02:10 Michael Byrne
2:06 – Byrne on the Webb breakup
2:13:10 – Any comment from Byrne on old team going under?
2:13:50 – Byrne on Dungey coming back then Cairoli racing
2:17:50 – Discussing Savatgy taking AC9s spot for outdoors
2:24:00 – Skips asks Byrne why he thinks there are more injuries now
2:32:40 Eks Brands
2:43:30 – Mechanicing in the sport
3:01:45 Shane McElrath, right into talking about Husky deal
3:11 – Shane talking about old team and things going bad (or not, “can’t talk about it”)
3:16 – Shane talks about his back injury
29:10 Race tech rant
3:41 – Looking ahead to outdoors outdoors
3:47:10 – Discussing Roczen
3:52:20 – 250 class outdoor talk
3:57:10 – Tweets at Tallon
4:19ish – Ernesto Fonseca stories
4:25:30 – Pala winners from all the guys

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