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Show #511 – Ken Roczen, Alex Martin, Weege, Phil Nicoletti with Justin Brayton In-Studio

We have the great, respectable and recently retired Justin Brayton in studio, can you believe it!? Of course we have to have a certain WEEGE on with JB being in studio. Alex Martin also recently announced his retirement from the sport and he joins us to discuss his thinking behind that decision… believe it or not, they are great reasons Troll has come up with. Ken Roczen also comes on to talk a little about the MX series, a little about his future and his overall perspective on racing as a whole. Great show folks!

8:20 – Southwick – Tomac & Sexton
14:30 – Throwing in the other guys in the championship mix
19:20 – Appreciating Eli’s technique
21:15 – Caller about Stilez vs H.Lawrence
31:30 – Roczen
32 – Talking about giving away jerseys and goggles
37:50 – Talking to Roczen about a mediocre Southwick
40ish – Discussing Roczen’s amazing starts
43 – Asking about Kenny doing MXdN
45:40 – The appeal of WSX to Kenny
47:10 – Kenny 2023 plans
53:00 – We need to stop burning out our stars of the sport
59 – Caller question about training, body fat %, etc
1:05 – Troll
1:10:30 – Troll talks about reason for retiring
1:24 – Troll celebrating at des Nations even when losing
1:35:10 – Weege
1:36 – “Justin Martin” racing next year – Brayton 450 sx and Amart 250 mx
1:52:30 – Any WSX for Phil?
2:06 Eks Brands
2:16 cooper Webb disrespect in group text from Phil and Raric
2:24:30 – Is Phil coming back to help Tomac?
2:54:30 – Jason Thomas
2:57 – Some more Southwick talk (anstie, Savatgy, etc)
3:05:30 – Southwick 250 talk
3:14:20 – MXdN team use talk (Craig or Barcia for 250)
3:25 – Making JT pick one of 4 up and comers, rolls into discussing some of the other guys (Leblanc, Romano, Vohland, etc)
3:30:45 – Does Dungey come back next summer?
3:35:10 – Race Tech Rant – Team USA – Do something different
3:39:45 – Drop – Steve “My tall ceilings”
3:43:20 – Berluti
3:48:45 – biggest surprise in both classes so far outdoors
3:57:30 – Berluti picks Shimoda as surprise 250 guy
4:14 – Anderson bike conflicts keeping him off team usa riding 250
4:21 – Looking ahead to Millville (450s)
4:26:30 – Looking ahead to Millville (250s)
4:28:40 – Tweets at Tits
4:31 – Who was the coolest mechanic of all time?
4:33:15 – Riverside raceway drama question
4:46ish – Discussion about having more stars of the sport, goes into discussion about rider salaries (4:50sh, might be a good clip for YT)

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