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Show #513 – Chase Sexton, Justin Cooper, Benny Bloss with Cade Clason and Vital Jamie In-Studio

Chase Sexton did what nearly no man has done to Eli Tomac before in the motocross series, he broke him in a second Moto. He’s on to talk about keeping his composure, staying on two wheels and grasping some momentum going into the break. Justin Cooper finally had a Moto he is proud of in 2022 and he is on to talk about the frustration, staying focused and the future. Benny Bloss is a friend of the show and joins us to talk about finding consistency in 2022 motocross. We have Cade Clason and Vital Jamie in studio y’all!!

10 – Eli and Sexton talk
15 – Anderson vs Craig and Dunge
18 – Discussing Justin Cooper
22:30 – Sexton/Tomac incredible pace
32:30 – Sexton
36:40 – Shadows at Shougal
39:30 – Sexton on crashing and toning it down
53:30 – Chase and Eli talking for MXdN
57:30 – Call about changes to Washougal to make riders like it more
1:00:30 – Chase’s thought process when battling/following Eli so closely
1:01:50 – Chase and Eli falling over and being stalled
1:06:30 – Justin Cooper
Right into discussing the first Moto win of the year
1:12:20 – Justin on big changes to the bike this year
1:14:30 – Justin on grate vs dirt start
1:15:50 – Justin on potentially not being picked for MXdN
1:21:10 – Justin on plans for next year
1:24:15 – Justin on Haiden Deegan
1:27:00 – Justin appealing AMA to be able to race 250sx again
2:03:30 – Benny Bloss
2:41 – Jason Thomas
2:42:30 – Tomac getting into it with AMA guy about gate prep
2:55:00 – MXdN 250 debate
3:20:30 Eks Brands
3:34:30 – WSX tracks gonna be tame?
3:38:50 – Alex Ray Trivia
3:50:30 – Future Headlines
3:52ish – A.Ray
4:10:40 – Race Tech Rant – People begging for stuff
4:18ish? Another rant about live timing
4:23:30 – Discussing Vital Jamie
4:37:30 – Looking ahead, silly season
4:48:20 – Tweets at Tater
4:49:20 – Steve doing “Tater” dance

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