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Show #538 – Chase Sexton, Aaron Plessinger, Kyle Peters, Phil Nicoletti, Lars Lindstrom with John Anderson, Kris Keefer and Alex Martin In-Studio

Chase Sexton secured the win in Detroit with a great ride from the back and ironically a little bit of the bad luck he’s had at times targeted another racer on the cusp of the W to seal the deal for the 23. Chase comes on to talk about how the race went for him, the penalty he was issued for jumping on a no jump flag and thought’s on finishing the series strong. Aaron Plessinger was the hero of the Detroit SX though. He’s on to talk about the nearly indescribable heartbreak that comes from crashing corners away from the best race he’s ever had where the 450SX Win was all but sealed for the likable cowboy. In the future Re-Raceables episode, AP did “Win the Race”. Kyle Peters is on to talk Arenacross and another title for the well spoken kid. Will we see him in SX? Lastly, Lars Lindsrom is on to talk food at the Honda truck… but seriously, Lars is always a good candid conversation and we talk Honda, Detroit and more. Listen in. We have Keefer, TROLL TRAIN and John Anderson of Dubya in the HOUSE! GRRrrreat show!

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  1. F you Steve. If I saw Beyoncé in an elevator and you’re in the other elevator, I’m going to talk shit to you

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