Ruy-Lopez and his Gilera, a love story.

This is a letter and picture from Ruy-Lopez.

Question and Answer Session- You write’em and I answer them.

Go ahead, ask me anything.  I’ll try my best to answer them. for all the answers, at least I’ll give you my opinion.

Tell Us a Story, Ron Lechien

This is Ronnie’s second time around for this but really, can you ever get tired of Ron Lechien stories? I can’t.  

What I Would Do if I Was Jason Lawrence

I don’t know Jason Lawrence, I’ve never really spoken to him and as a matter of fact, he probably wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire.

GP Saturday Update!

Live from Germany, it’s Saturday night GP stuff!

Mt Morris Update

 The first practice sessions are going on right now at a pristine High Point Raceway. The riders are shaking out the bikes and the track and seeing just how hard they are going to push it.

Nineteen Minutes, Twenty-Three Seconds with Chad Reed

This interview took place before Texas and is a bit out-dated. Sorry man, I was busy!

Remember the movie First Blood?

It’s one of my all-time favorites and actually I remember being nine when it came out and down in Grand Forks, ND with my family. We all decided to go to the movie "Creepshow" but I freaked out when the…

My Crappy Photo Kamloops Canadian National Feature

I thought I’d share some of my *ahem* best from the motherland. The racing was good, the track was cool and as usual, there was a Hungarian.

This guy gets it…

Watch James ride his Segway around his supercross track. The commentary is classic! HERE


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