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GP’s Classic Steel #7: 1976 Puch MC250 Everts Replica

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  1. My Dad worked for Puch as the National Service Manager for the mopeds in the late 70’s. He found a crate in the back of the wharehouse in Greenwich Village. It was one of the few MC250’s Everts replicas to ever make it to the US. He was the #1 over 30 vet in both CRC and AME at the time riding a RM370! He had the Puch shipped to our home in Canoga Park and raced it at the Dunes and other local tracks for a year. Caught the attention of many at the time, for obvious reasons! The bike was well before its time!

    He passed in 1996. Never knew what happened to the bike and have never been able to find any pictures of it.

    Just thought I would share.

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