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GP’s Classic Steel #8: The 1986 Honda CR500R

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  1. Awesome review! I had a 86 CR500 loved that bike and wish I still had it… I didn’t realize how good it was till it was gone….. I beat a Husaberg 601 (thumper) I think it was a 601 I could be wrong it could have been 604 big yellow bike with kicker on left side and sounded mean as hell… The ol cr 500 smoked that Husaberg….I would eat New 450’s all day lol see ya!!!! 86 CR 500 is the king!

  2. Had an 85 used to trail ride with it crack the throttle and leave a50ft trench. Didnt like to start when hot i can still remember kicking that pig over and over on a hot muggy day. Can still remember the severe arm pump and not being able to feel my hands from vibration after a ride.

  3. 1986 Cr 500, definitley the best bike i’ve ever owned!! I run Castor 927 oil with pump gas mixed at 50:1 and never had a problem. Still have the bike to this day! Have run the desert trails outside of Moab and Green River Utah to the 14000′ peaks and mountains of Colorado. Bike is a Rocket and not much will keep up with it…… I’m 56 and still it scares the crap out of me to this day!!

  4. I always wanted an 86 CR500. It was new when I was 15. It was a thing of beauty. So this August I found one in very nice condition with a fully rebuilt motor. Although I had to pay for it, I was happy to make the deal. I spent the next 2 months returning it back to factory AAA+ condition. It makes me proud to take it out and show the 450s that they can be beat. Most people love to come over and check out the beast. I’m not the best rider but I can drag race with the best of them. I love this thing.

  5. In 2009 I did carb work on my son’s friends 86 cr500 . A few weeks later he asked me if I wanted to buy it. I said are you crazy, I’m 60 years old and my wife would kill me! He said I could have it for $400 and I said bring it over. I have been riding for 12 years and I just turned 71 this year. I go to our local track every week for open practice. Everyone is impressed with it and me for riding at my age. I kicked that thing about 8 years and I found a guy that put a compression release on the head. Works fantastic, kicks over like a 125. Plan on riding it as long as I can. ITS A BEAST!!😄

  6. I am 60 yo too….. I own the CR 500 1985 for 40 y now. It stands iddle since about 1996…. Was in best condition. Had a fire on the garages yard were it stands. Some parts melted away. Fortunately insurance covers. Is totaly rebuild now by local Honda MX-dealer. I will get it back in showroom-condition. It makes me happy …..looking forward to get it back and put it maybe in my living room…… It use to be my “play-station” when I was 22 yo. I’m also thinking of ride it again on the dirt track 🙂 Undescribable experience….. love it

    I am looking forward for more experiences of “co-owners” of this beast 🙂

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