Brayton, Blair, Starling, Brennan Archive

The SLC experiment has made it through round 1 and we have Justin Brayton on to give us his perspective. Justin Starling comes on to talk about his switch to his new, old team, wife swap and more. Sean Brennan… Fantasy: SLC1 Picks and Trends

Utah, AKA “pretend Indy,” picks up right where it left off… ouch! If you are like me, you waited for what seemed an eternity for Supercross to come back, all the while missing playing PulpMX Fantasy. You watched practice and…

2020 SLC1 Advanced Analytics

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. It felt good to have racing back and there’s something nostalgic about it being on a Sunday. That felt particularly good given everything happening in the world these days. Racing feels like a bit of a getaway…

Daytime Program SLC #1

Well… Holy crap! We have racing to watch again! I am on a little training vacation up here in Colorado with my son, getting him ready for his Loretta qualifier, so I don’t have a whole lot to contribute this…


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