Fly Racing Moto:60 Archive: SLC SX 7

Hansel & Michael Lindsey were in to talk about the final round of SX HERE

FXR/Race Tech Privateer Island #125- Bubba Pauli

Interesting guy & a real cool deal with this privateer…listen HERE


Want to hear something crazy? Through six rounds in SLC, a KTM or Husky has snagged the FFL in the 450 class, awarding those who picked correctly an extra 15 points.  Why am I mentioning this right off the top?…

Daytime Program: SLC 6

It’s almost over folks! Don’t get sad just yet though. Let’s have some fun and get this Daytime SLC 6 Program going shall we?  Chase Sexton: Is there anyone smoother in the 250 class? The only other rider hat I…

2020 SLC6 Advanced Analytics

Sunday, Sunday, Sun… I mean Wednesday. It’s been fun watching races on a Wednesday. As we all know (thanks Ralph), Wednesday is the day that Cooper Webb wins. He’s now undefeated on Wednesday’s with 3 victories and that ties him…

Pro Circuit SLC SX 6 Post-Race PulpCasts

Almost the last one! Listen individually below or subscribe to The Steve Matthes Show on your Podcast player of choice to listen to them seamlessly while driving or working in the garage.  


The battles aren’t won and lost in the trenches; they’re won and lost in the 250 class.  Have you ever been checking your score as the races are unfolding, and looked at your score, then looked at what the leader…

Fly Racing Moto:60 Archive: SLC SX 6

Zombie Bloss and Anton joined us for a preview of SLC SX 6 and more right HERE

Hunter & Jett Lawrence, Ray, Bowers, Rarick & Blair Archive

We’ve got the hottest duo in Moto in studio! The Lawrence brothers are in our undisclosed SLC bunker as well as A Ray, Seth Rarick and Daniel Blair, whoever that is… ALL in studio. No description needed, it’s gonna be…

Daytime Program SLC 5

Austin Forkner: This was the most calculated ride I have ever seen from Austin. I don’t really care for some of the antics that he pulls on a few riders at times, but the kid is going to be someone…

2020 SLC5 Advanced Analytics

That was an exciting night of racing, from the most unlikely win by Ken Roczen to plenty of aggressive riding from Austin Forkner. But before I dive into the racing, I want to call-out how cool it was to watch…


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