Daytime Program: A1

What an A1! Mother Nature didn’t help the track as rains in Southern California have soaked already saturated grounds but the Dirt Wurx crew did an amazing job on what was a very technical track. I made my way down…

Fly Racing MOTO:60 Archive- Anaheim 1

JT and Weege discuss A1 and more! SHOW ARCHIVE HERE!

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Our other valued Partners within the PulpMX Media Network Email us using the Contact Form on to save at Use code "pulpmx30" at to save on casual wear and more. Zulz Bags  Regardless of how stress free…
The Top Stuff on Pulpmx in 2022

We’re almost to 2023 and that means lists! Everyone loves list so here are the top stories, podcasts and Pulpmx Shows of 2022 along with some thoughts. Thanks for the support of all we do here and we’ll keep on…

2023 PulpMX Fantasy Sign Ups are Now Open!!

Ittttttttt’s baaaaaaaackkkkkk!!! Yup, the time to submit your sign up to PulpMX Fantasy for the 2023 racing season! Get yourself paid in full in advance for the full racing year and increase your chances of winning one of FOUR YES…

Top 22 People of Power and Influence in MX/SX

Photos by James Lissimore pow·er noun the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. in·flu·ence noun the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or…

Daytime Program: Fox Raceway

It seemed like we just started this damn thing right? It goes by so fast, especially when we have a title chase like we did this year. Pala is such a weird track because the middle part of most corners…

Fly Racing MOTO:60 Archive- Pala 2 MX

JB and Weege talk Pala and more SHOW ARCHIVE HERE!

Projected 2023 National Numbers

With two motos to go, here are Dan Truman’s national numbers for 2023. Things could change of course as riders change their mind on what numbers they want. A few notes – Craig has said he will keep 28 (Would…

Fly Racing MOTO:60 Archive- Ironman MX

Cade and Truman talk Ironman MX and more. SHOW ARCHIVE HERE!

Fly Racing MOTO:60 Archive- Budds Creek MX

ML and JT talk Budds and more! SHOW ARCHIVE HERE!

Daytime Program: Unadilla

Unadilla looked more like a square edge west coast track than your typical east coast track. The riders had a couple week break to get re-motivated for the last four rounds and Unadilla proved to be a hard one for…


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