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Dallas SX 2019 Review

Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.

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  1. Mathis, how the hell can Kawasaki say there is nothing wrong with eli’s Bike! Watch the race, it looked like the shock had no dampening left in it. Going across the start straight it was like a pogo stick. Camera is behind him as he goes across the whoops and his bike is swapping like crazy! It looks like the shock failed to me!!!!!!!

  2. Mike, I saw that and thought the same thing.
    I thought the guys where a bit short sighted on only assuming that he gave up or something? It is possible that he injured himself as well? I have seen enough low speed tip overs that resulted in injury to not disregard it. Tomac is also known for being tight lipped on injuries.

    Thanks again for the content and insight guys.

  3. Bowers. 1 retaliated 2. Did not try make the turn. 3 did not try to make a pass. That was not racing. It was pre meditated. It was not based on any race event that happened that night. It was intent to injure. He didn’t even ride away from the crash. It was also those front end riding into the other rider with no breaking happening. It was overall dangerous. They are probably using Bowers as an example of what is to come. In all for takeouts but when you don’t try to at least pass while doing it and you intent is to hurt the other guy or to just straight demolition derby it, come on you got what you wanted.

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