The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

Guest: Jeff Gibson

The long time privateer hero talks about what he’s doing now, his career racing moto and how he’ still going, racing for Subway Honda, Cernics Kawasaki, making both mains in a night, being teammates with JT and more.

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  1. Jesus fucking Christ get to the interview already. I’m like 13 minutes in and still hearing you read fucking commercials. Have some respect, quit lining your pockets and get to the goddamn content. Before long you’ll be posting entire full length “shows” of maxxis and koba bullshit. It’s ridiculous. We’re all aware of these brands or we wouldn’t be listening to this dumb shit to start with

  2. @Jeff Wade
    Wow 5 minutes in and sponsor read is done. I guess by your math that’s 13 minutes?!? WOW
    With out those sponsors none of these pods would be available. I guess since he’s lining his pockets he wouldn’t be able to give back so much to the sport. You are pretty much ridiculous!
    Keep it coming Steve! Always awesome content including sponsors!!!

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