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Pulpmx Show #407 Wrap Up Show

This week Darkside has Troy Bendgen and Mike Bonacci joining him to discuss Jerry Robin coming in-studio, Dungey calling in, Pulpmx Fantasy, JT stepping away from Industry Idiots, rants, a special guest and of course, Hello Pookie

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  1. Ok you got Gold working!! You just haven’t harnessed it.I don’t Listen to it,But that’s cause I Listen to the show.But I gave it a try…Your doing your job and it sounds very professional… make this thing huge…Get the Dummies that piss you off on the Phone and ask them why? Then the Smucks will listen twice as hard…But you have to have thick skin and smile…Then tell them FU….nicely with a smile…BTW…that piss’s em off more and they come back again…..Good Luck!!!

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