The Fly Racing Moto:60 Show

Show #180 – RedBud MX 2019

It’s Matthes, you and this series’ race discussion. Don’t forget to call in. Remember to listen live Thursday’s at 12pm PST!

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  1. Why doesn’t TLD pickup Jerry??? Well get a contractual release that he has to wear a dog bark shock collar ( with a hand held remote )…..Jerry has been riding fantastic!!!! Now if he sits down riding around in first..The team manager can click the button!! We have to be fair…No more than 5 button push’s per moto!!!! Really He doesn’t need the button,just a better shot!!

  2. Right on Steve!!On the pulpmx show!!!! Get rid of Wada/FIM!! MXDN !! Who gives a crap in America!!! Well that’s business is the answer???? Well form that riders union and shut the business down!!!!!!Game over !get out!! Gurgle These Nuts!!! For me,I will still buy bikes Merchandise and go to my local Nationals…..Sx. I will pay to watch it on tv…If it goes away??? Stupid move for them!

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