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Show #369 – Eli Tomac, Jimmy Decotis, Tyler Bowers, David Vuillemin with Kris Keefer In-Studio

Eli Tomac finally secured his first win of 2019 in an absolute quagmire of a race in San Diego, he’s on to talk about this crazy race. Jimmy Decotis rode his balls off in the slop to reel in a solid 3rd and the Rippah is on to let us in on his 2019 so far. David Vuillemin is on to talk about the series thus far and Dylan Ferrandis through this first stretch of the West Coast. Tyler Bowers is one of many racers who ended up with burns from the Lime mixed in to the track in San Diego and he’s on to speak frankly about that.

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  1. thank you for the content and platform to share! Lime Gate. Sounds like this has been a know problem, but nothing was ever done about it. Sounds like most riders understand it is an issue that needs to be addressed but does not believe that anything would be done to remedy. I find it sad that all of these athletes have to be subjected to harmful chemicals to participate in the sport (this goes for anyone making a living being subjected to harmful chemicals), and even more sad that some are unwilling to make the necessary personal sacrifices needed to get outside of self serving behavior and work for the greater good. Unfortunately this is the same hurdle we all face in making the world a better place.
    This has the potential to cause serious health issues with a lifetime of consequences. I hope everyone injured heals up quick and a solution is found so this does not happen again. Thanks again for everything you guys do!

  2. I think Feld, AMA, and Fim should be suspended for 3-5 years, Ofcourse it will take a year to figure it out. How about they give us Tickle back in the deal! LOL

  3. Damn! Reed’s response was spot on. Thanks for all you do, Matthes . I knew you would do better reporting on the lime issue than the major publications.

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