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Show #40 – Josh Grant, Donnie Emler and Michael Byrne

JG talks about his return to Honda and his incident with Jeff Alessi in Phoenix. Lil’ D gives away some product as a new show sponsor and Byrner sheds some light on when he’ll be back. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

12:20 – new Pulp song
18:20 – emails
54:40 – Has Been
1:06:30 – Josh Grant (was just taken out by Jeff Alessi)
1:20:50 – Randy Lawrence cycling story getting hit by a mirror (Shaq’s dad)
1:35:00 – Donny Emler Jr. (FMF)
1:46:20 – “Daddy, we need more money.” – Watson yelling to Coy Gibbs
2:12:45 – Steve Cox
2:21:55 – Michael Byrne
2:31:30 – “Did Friese clean him out?” – Matthes asking about JT
2:45:10 – News
2:48:10 – talking about Bret Michaels and wearing jerseys to a race
2:55:40 – Kenny’s Corner (Steve Boniface, Seth Enslow, Buddy Antunez (seat fell off)
3:02:25 – Watson as Scott Sheak
3:04:00 – Nash
3:13:15 – voicemails
3:19:30 – Tony Alessi (he was bowling with some ladies)
3:30:00 – X Brand Tearoffs

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