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Show #44 – Carey Hart in Studio, Paul Curry and Jason Thomas

This week Hart drops into the studio to talk about the team and employing Watson, Currie tells us tales from his racing days, Thomas talks about Houston and Watson may or may not have quit the show. Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

35:10 – Hart’s arenacross story almost fighting Erick Vallejo and Team Green in Denver
57:10 – “Barcelona’s cool. That’s my favorite country.” – Watson-ism
1:01:00 – Watson’s ‘pafarazzi’ story
1:10:35 – Austin Stroupe calls in
1:18:40 – Lance Coury in studio
1:24:15 – Sinjin
1:54:05 – “Can I ever do anything fucking right in your eyes, dude?” – Watson
1:54:25 – Paul Currie
2:05:30 – Matthes story about picking up Currie, taking him to get beer, then watching Matthes work on the bike
2:06:10 – “His whole bike deal was he just covered it with WD40 when he got done cleaning it.” – Currie about Watson
2:10:50 – Watson’s story about Currie, Eickel, and Deegan getting massages in the van
2:14:30 – “Fuck. Fuck. I hate my life. I wanna kill myself. I hope I die up here. God, why did I drink instead of practice?” – Currie
2:15:20 – “Do you do high-end homes?” – Matthes asking about home security “No, mostly really low-end stuff.” – Currie’s smartass response
2:17:20 – voicemails
2:19:20 – Currie calls back, Kenny clips him
2:20:20 – “Wow, that’s a tear jerper.” sound drop (I must have missed the original)
2:20:50 – JT$ (was just landed on by James Stewart)
2:33:25 – Nash
2:48:45 – emails
2:50:50 – “That’s a stupid fucking question.” – Watson
2:57:30 – playing Watson drops
2:29:50 – Kenny’s Corner (Billy Joe Mercier, Shaun Perolio)
3:02:05 – “He was breeded to be a racer.” – Watson-ism and Watson leaves
3:04:20 – News
3:06:40 – Tweets
3:07:10 – story about Ferry wondering about retiring while riding
3:11:10 – Pookie
3:19:50 – leaving a voicemail for Watson apologizing

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