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Show #46 – Ryan Villopoto, John Mitcheff and Bryan Viger in Studio

Host Kenny Watson returns with Atlanta and Daytona winner Ryan Villopoto on the line to tell us about what went down. As well, Valli Yamaha’s John Mitcheff comes on to talk about the challenge that is Austin Stroupe and Dodge Motorsports Bryan Viger tells us why he chose the H%26H team to support.Remember to listen live Monday nights at 6:00 p.m. PST!

8:55 – Matthes landing on a kid at Baja Acres story
39:10 – Watson vs Matthes tire change bet first brought up
43:00 – Tweets
53:50 – Watson’s head through drywall at Tedesco’s house story
1:04:40 – Ryan Villopoto
1:50:25 – Has Been
1:59:20 – “Hey Dale. Thanks man, say hi to Chip.” – Matthes (Chip & Dale/Chippendale joke)
2:08:40 – Jon Mitcheff
2:32:40 – Nash
2:37:55 – “He’s not smart enough to over-analyze the races.” – Matthes calling Villopoto dumb
2:39:00 – Moser
2:48:40 – X Brand Tearoffs
2:56:35 – voicemails

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